Fabulous Flying Machines Cover

Fabulous Flying Machines Cover

While the Wright Brothers were gliding in the air over Kitty Hawk, a charming Brazilian named Alberto Santos-Dumont was making his own mark on the history of flight. Alberto loved floating over the crowded streets of Paris in his personal flying machine called a dirigible. Whether he was going to buy a new hat or meet a friend at a restaurant, Alberto went everywhere in his controllable balloon.

In the early 1900s, Alberto had the skies to himself. But he wanted to fly farther and faster than his dirigible could take him.

After several years of hard work, Alberto was ready to try out his new flying machine, which had been transformed from a balloon to a box with wings! But there was competition. Another inventor, Louis Blériot, challenged Alberto to see who would be the first to take off from a Parisian field in a self-propelled plane, one that would fly and land by its own power. Would Alberto’s hard work pay off? Who would be the first in the air?

Beautifully illustrated and full of little-known facts about the history of aviation, this book will enlighten young readers about who really flew the first airplane!